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We are excited to announce our new program - WoodWatch Yearly Membership. Subscribers are the foundation of the green planet movement. By subscribing to the WoodWatch Yearly Membership, you will receive the following perks:

  • You will receive a coupon code of 10% discount on all products as long as you are a member. Additionally, you can share the coupon code with your family members and friends (up to 3 shares are allowed per year). 
  • Your loyalty will make it possible for us to plant 10 extra trees per month/year (reminder: we have a goal to plant 1million tress by 2025, so far more than 200k trees are planted).
  • You will receive a free WoodWatch Member beads bracelet every year
  • You will receive exclusive deals and have early access to new products before anyone else

The yearly subscription cost is 30 euro. 


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