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WoodWatch Hikes: The Dolomites

After hearing the tales of travelers and explorers from all over the world, we decided that we had to go and see it with our own eyes. The Dolomites, and in particular Lake Misurina and the Tre Cime di Laveredo hike. What we saw, we tried to capture; but even so, its true beauty can only be witnessed in real life. We do recommend this hike if you are a mountain-lover, or would like a scenic route that has a relatively easy course and is extremely scenic. Enjoying the sun highlighting all parts of nature in golden tones was definitely a nice moment to take a break after the trek and capture some images! 



After this beautiful Trek in the midst of summer, Italy has come to lie close to our heart. We have now integrated the finest Italian olive wood into our designs. Have you seen our AURORA Collection? The collection includes the in-house designed and hand-finished Nordic Sun and the Northern Sky.

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