5 Coolest Wooden Cabins in Europe

The weather is getting cold and you are in need of an escape from the city. You know what that means: a natural getaway in the woods! Staying in a cute little wooden cabin is the best way to not only clear your mind and take some time to relax, but also to become a part of nature and appreciate the small joys of life. That’s why we prepared this list of amazing wooden cabin options in Europe for you to check out and treat yourself with during the holiday season.

La Cabane Perchée, Ardennes, Belgium

For anyone who had dreamt of living in a treehouse when they were a child: this cabin will make your dreams come true! It is five meters high and safely hidden in between six trees. The material of the architecture is old wood burned by the sun, which gives the whole place a natural and authentic energy. The interior of the cabin is meticulously designed to create a cozy vibe and be practical at the same time. There is a breath-taking view that you can see from the kitchenette and two bathtubs to relax in while watching outside; one is located right next to the window inside and the other one is on the terrace. The 165-kilometer long river Ourthe that flows below the cabin is the cherry on top. 

Cabanes als Arbres, Spain

These eco-friendly cabinsare the definition of living within nature. The growing tree is spreading its branches all around the cabins, bringing the forest energy into the bedrooms. Staying here for a while would not only be an unforgettable experience, but also create an amazing opportunity to feel mindful and free. The interior is designed with rustic decor that aligns perfectly with the picturesque view from the terrace.

Tromsø Lodge & Camping, Norway

If White Christmas is not coming to you, you better go to it instead! This modern cabinis the ideal spot for a family Christmas vacation where you can enjoy a cup of eggnog, bond by the fire, and spend hours snow fighting. If you are lucky, you can even see the Northern Lights from your cabin! Previous customers have described their experience in this cabin as magical, being a part of nature while hiding in between trees, mountains, and a river.

The Woodman’s Hut, Nethy Bridge, Scotland

The award-winning Woodman’s Eco Hutis the perfect place for a romantic getaway you have been thinking of! This cabin is located in Cairngorms National Park, so you can already be sure that the view of the landscape is going to be magnificent. With its old architecture and simple style, this house will take you on a time travel and make you enjoy the little things in life. That’s how the traveler Darrell Hartman described his experience in this cabin. So next time you want to escape from the city and go somewhere relaxing, keep this option in mind.

Jagdgut Wachtelhof Private Hideaway, Austria

As you can tell by its name, this locationwill be the perfect hideaway for you and your loved ones, with some snow as the bonus. Almost all the rooms in this spot have fireplaces to ensure a snuggly environment while watching the snow through your window. Only 275 meters away from your chalet, you can start skiing through the Alps and then come back to the resort to an outdoor heated swimming pool, movie theater, and even a fitness room. They really thought of everything to guarantee a great experience for you!

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