5 Epic places to experience Europe outdoors

Looking for your next destination for the ultimate European adventure? We took the liberty of preparing 5 tips on places you should most certainly consider! Whether it is a sporty trip with friends, taking your kids on a little hike or perhaps even a romantic getaway with your spouse. These places offer the magic that you were seeking!

Kayaking in Ardèche, France

Let’s start with a good old water sport; kayaking. This is a great sport because you can completely tailor the destination and the pace to your own liking. Today we chose Ardèche, France for your next kayaking trip. Located in the southeast of France, this magical place is a great choice for a fun trip with the boys or a lazy summer family holiday. 

What’s great about kayaking in this place is the way you can choose exactly what your level and current mood enable you. If you crave a tranquil ride with frequent swimming breaks you can choose a route where the waters are calm and peaceful. If you’re feeling more adventurous, crossing some wild weirs will keep you on your toes.

For the ultimate challenge, we can recommend you to check out the famous Pont D’Arc bridge. This bridge was created completely by the power of nature, made out of natural stones. It’s wonderful scenery to see but you might need to keep your eyes on the river. Crossing the dams will definitely test your skills!

Immersing in the nature of Iceland

One of the most magical destinations in Europe is definitely Iceland. Its remote location, dark and cold winters and high prices might drive away many but there probably isn’t a single person who regretted the visit. 

Thanks to unique climatic conditions and a very small population, Iceland has some of Europe’s purest natural wonders. Driving through the country, when there’s not a single house in sight, and the only thing you’re surrounded by is beautiful nature is truly an amazing feeling.

One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss out on is the Gullfoss waterfall. Watching the massive quantities of waterfall down into the space will give tinglings to your whole body! And another once in a lifetime experience is definitely the Blue Lagoon geothermal pool. Here you just lay in the warm, sky-blue water and take in the views.

Sailing the waters of Lago di Garda 

If your soul desires a more tranquil type of adventurous weekend, but still want to include a fun activity, then sailing on the Garda lake might just be the top choice for you! The lake is located in the north of Italy and it’s a famous vacation spot for a very good reason. 

The views from the water on the surrounding banks filled with colorful houses attract many families, couples and even more active solo sailors. There are boat rentals along the lake where they’ll give you all the details even if you’ve never set foot on a boat before. Especially at sunset, these views represent one of the most beautiful sceneries you’ll experience in Italy.

And when you get tired of the waters, our tip is to go for a walk, a run or a cycle on the Ciclopista del Garda. This is a bridge-type trail that is attached to the surrounding rocks and hangs over the lake’s bank. A morning run or a daily cycling trip on this path is a truly alluring experience.

Hike the Alpe Adria Trail

If you’re a hiker at heart, this tip will bring you a lot of joy. The Alpe Adria Trail is the ultimate hiking adventure, not only for the pros out here but also for more slow-paced hikers. What is the special thing about this trail is that it spans through Slovenia, Austria and Italy. It contains 43 stages, each around 20 kilometers long. Each stage has its own route and includes a lot of pleasant refreshments.

The whole trail leads from the bottom of the Grossglockner, the highest Austrian mountain, and the ending point is Muggia, where the three beautiful countries meet. In between you will walk through the beautiful landscapes the countries can offer, with many breathtaking grass-covered hills and crystal-clear lakes.

There’s no need to go through all of the stages of the trail. For some, even one may be a satisfactory adventure. One thing is for sure though; the more hiked kilometers does definitely not mean a better experience!

Become friends with the huskies in Lapland, Finland 

If we didn’t manage to tap into your deepest adventurous wishes just yet, trust us that this tip will put a sparkle in your eyes. For some of us, husky sledging is only something to be seen in movies or cool photography accounts. But in reality, it’s actually fairly easy to book a husky sledging tour and we think you should definitely try it out!

The most wonderful destination for this less traditional adrenaline source is Finland, specifically the Lapland region. This is the most northern and least inhabited region of the country, meaning a lot of space for driving around with the doggies!

For the ultimate experience, we recommend looking at the Arctic Circle Long Trail Husky Adventure. This is a 2-hour long tour that will take you through the magic of Finnish nature covered in sparkling snow.

These places are the ideal choice if you’re looking for experiencing your next favorite trip. They each have unique attributes that will match the atmosphere you want your holidays to have. Adventure is knocking on your door, it’s time to start packing!

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