Do yourself a favor: put your hiking shoes on

As much as we try our best to be comfortable in our routine lives, after all, we’re a species that craves excitement and adrenaline. If you’re one of those who think they lack the money and time to experience some “real adventure”, we have a royal tip for you. 

Surely you haven’t thought about getting your dose of adventure in something seemingly small and impact-less such as… yes, hiking! 

Hear us out and look at all these benefits that hiking may bring into your life. After being convinced you need to try it out, we also got you covered with 3 amazing beginner-friendly hike trails that might be closer than you think!

The benefits of hiking

Let’s first look at everything your body will thank you for after a nice long hike. Did you know that this activity engages almost every big muscle group we have? Apart from the obvious pain, you’ll feel in your legs, the use of trekking poles will really engage your upper back. Next to this, by hiking you’re getting your heart rate up and pumping and decreasing the risks of cardiovascular issues. Lastly, a tiring day in the mountains will guarantee a good night’s sleep and we all know how that is important for our overall energy levels and good health condition.

Apart from your physical health, your mind will definitely be pleased by your hiking endeavors too. Being in nature and combining that with a bit of exercise was proved to decrease stress levels. It’s the most traditional cure when you feel overwhelmed, anxious or you simply didn’t have the greatest week. Additionally, looking around at beautiful natural sceneries instead of constantly watching a computer or phone screen is certainly a plus. Unplug and give your mind a break.

Last but not least, is there a better way to enjoy time with the people you love than by spending time in nature and getting a nice sweat in? Maybe, but hiking is definitely high up in the rankings! Not only is this an amazing idea for a family holiday or a trip with friends, you can become a part of a new community. Hikers are known for being extremely friendly and there’s no doubt that many friendships have been made on the trails.

Amazing beginner-friendly hiking trails in Europe

1. Greece 

The first area where you can get completely lost (in thoughts), is the Samaria Gorge in Greece. On this famous 16-kilometer trail, you will descend through some charming Byzantine ruins and cliffs down to the Libyan Sea. If you want to enjoy some relaxing, Mediterranean atmosphere for your first hike, this is the place to be. 

2. Czech Republic

The next moderate hiking trail we gladly recommend is hidden in the North of a small country in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic. Throughout the beautiful Pravčice Gate trail, which is only 10 kilometers, your eyes will be blessed by some of the oldest sandstone formations, until you reach the biggest natural stone arch in Europe, the Pravčice Gate. The panoramas from this viewpoint will leave you speechless. 

3. Italy

As a third option to choose from we would like to introduce you to the Cinque Terre route in Italy. This 5-6 hour trail connects the five fishing villages of the region. You’ll be walking up bumpy stone steps and rocky cliffs, but the views are for sure going to be worth the struggle. If your heart desires a hiking adventure where you would have the sight of sky-blue water at all times, this is a perfect choice.

The list of hiking benefits of course goes even longer than those introduced above, and so does the list of beautiful hiking trails in Europe. The opportunities are endless and the health improvements you’ll see will make you a real hiking lover in no time. Exchange a monotone weight training with a mountain workout once in a while.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the crisp, fresh air more than the sweaty one in the gym. 

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