Motherhood Around The World

Explore different cultures and traditions of motherhood around the world, from the Maasai tribes of Africa to the matriarchal societies of Southeast Asia.

Motherhood is a universal experience that transcends borders and cultures. Yet, the way motherhood is perceived and practiced varies greatly across the world. With Mother’s Day around the corner we thought this is the perfect time to dive into the culture and traditions of motherhood around the world, from the Maasai tribes of Africa to the matriarchal societies of Southeast Asia.

Let's start our journey in Africa, where the Maasai tribes have a unique approach to motherhood. For the Maasai, the birth of a child is a community affair. The entire tribe comes together to celebrate the birth and support the mother. The new mother is given a special diet of meat, milk, and blood to help her regain strength after giving birth. The tribe also believes that the father's role is just as important as the mother's in raising a child. Both parents are responsible for the child's upbringing and education.


Moving on to Asia, we find matriarchal societies in countries such as China and Vietnam. In these societies, women hold a dominant role in the family and are often the primary breadwinners. The mother's role in these societies is to provide for her children and ensure their education and well-being. In China, motherhood is seen as a sacred duty, and mothers are expected to make great sacrifices for their children's success.

In India, motherhood is deeply rooted in religious and cultural beliefs. The concept of "mata" or "mother" is revered in Hinduism, and mothers are often considered to be divine beings. In some parts of India, mothers are celebrated with a special festival called "Mata Tirtha Aunshi" where children pay their respects to their mothers and offer them gifts.

Moving on to Latin America, we find that motherhood is celebrated in a unique way during the festival of Dia de las Madres or Mother's Day. In countries like Mexico, Mother's Day is a grand affair with parades, music, and festivities. Families come together to celebrate the mothers and grandmothers in their lives and offer them gifts.


Finally, in Europe, we find that motherhood is celebrated in a more reserved and intimate manner. In countries like Spain and Italy, the bond between mother and child is celebrated through religious festivals such as La Festa della Mamma in Italy and Dia de la Madre in Spain.

Motherhood is celebrated and practiced in diverse ways around the world. From the communal approach of the Maasai tribes to the matriarchal societies of Southeast Asia, motherhood takes on different meanings and roles across cultures. However, one thing remains constant: the deep love and connection between mother and child that is universally cherished. Show your Mother some love this Mother’s Day and surprise her with a unique wooden watch with personalized engraving on the backplate.  

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