The beauty of distilleries: learn to drink in style

As life goes on, drinking alcohol to get wasted at a wild party becomes a cliche and getting drunk to the point that you’re dancing on the table of your local bar becomes a rare thing. As we get older, we start to uncover the beauty of true adult drinking.

And there is nothing more magical about adult drinking than a distillery visit!

Distillery visits are known to provide you with the history of some of your favorite alcohol and, the thing visitors are always most excited for, a small taste test. We think that distilleries are an underrated weekend trip idea, which can be fun for any boy group and romantic for any couple. Here you have our top three choices for where to start your distillery adventure!

Chateau Royal de Cognac, France

We’ll kick this list off with one of the fancy drinks; cognac. If you’ve ever had a glass of the Baron Otard cognac you know that there’s definitely something royal in the taste. That’s why it is no surprise that the birthplace of this drink is the Chateau Royal de Cognac in the beautiful country of France, just an hour away from Bordeaux. Here you can choose from different tours with distinct tastings and after you’re finished, just enjoy the beautiful environment of this grand old castle. 

Picture via Sipsmith.

Sipsmith distillery, England

Fans of gin, raise your hands! Or shall we say glasses? Many of us believe in the superior taste of gin and if you belong to this group of people, the Sipsmith distillery is the place to go for you. This gin brand is relatively young, founded in 2009, but that doesn’t take away from its amazing taste. Visit their London base for a fun distillery tour with an ice-cold Gin&Tonic in your hand!

Teeling Whiskey Distillery, Ireland

The last on our list of exceptional distilleries teaching you about the production of even more exceptional alcohol is none other than a good old whiskey. To experience the true essence of whiskey, the Teeling Whiskey Distillery located just a few moments away from Dublin is a must-visit. Having a long tradition (their first drink was created all the way back in 1782), the trip to this distillery is going to be a real time machine. Take one of their guided tours and taste the award-winning drink!

We are sure you’re all fired up for a nice distillery visit now! Well, simply pick one from our list and book a flight. Connecting this with a nice weekend stay with your friends and spouse is going to make this a memorable getaway.

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