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An Astonishing Sight

The jaw-dropping sight of the Aurora Borealis when experiencing it for the first time was not only the inspiration behind the name of the collection but also served as the main memory for the sleek clock design. From the Scandinavian timelessness and minimal lifestyle, we have taken note and created beautifully thin wooden watch bands with an all new link design, out of soft olive and Maplewood.

A ballet of light dancing amongst the sky with frequent waves of green, purple and pink. The first word that came to mind was ‘astonishing,’ and this is a sight that we will never forget, and have used it in our latest shining metal details for the newest watches. The collection also features stainless-steel dials that dance away like the lights at all hours of the day.


When designing the watches, choosing high-quality sustainable wood types were a key factor in making sure that our impact on the environment maintained low, For you, owning an AURORA watch has a great social and economic benefit, as we donate a tree for your purchase and help families in poverty transform their land into forests.

 Here are some of our influencers around the world wearing the AURORA Collection:


The AURORA Collection breaths the fresh air of Scandinavian nature and the astonishing views of the sky.

Have a safe journey, 

The WoodWatch Family


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