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Our Story

Our story is about people who love to explore the world. Exploring is about going beyond the point where others would stop and dare to find new places. Traveling to the most untouched places in the world, to find the beauty that nature has to offer. Away from distractions and focused on the beauty around us.


Our Team

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2013: The Beginning of WoodWatch

In 2013 the idea of WoodWatch was born. Three lifelong and ambitious friends started WoodWatch as a side project, with the belief that sustainable products and materials have a potential of changing people’s perception about the impact of the products they wear, promote, and live by. After long hours of sketching and brainstorming, days became months and then the first prototypes became reality. These watches eventually led to the official launch of the brand in the summer of 2013. As the first wooden watch brand in the Benelux, WoodWatch is now able to inspire people with modernly designed watches made of natural wood.


WoodWatch Office in 2013
WoodWatch Design Sketches

Once a Dream, Now an International Adventure

From that moment onwards, the business took shape and grew in full force. What once was a night time project by three friends was now a full-time operation for a whole team located in two offices in Groningen and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. What was once started in the Netherlands, is now sold throughout the world in shops and online. The fast-paced growth and recognition have been awarded by the Financieel Dagblad (FD Gazellen Award) and other awards.

Our team works hard to ensure that we only use the highest quality natural materials in our wooden watches. We design by exploring the world and create unique products that we love to share with you.


The WoodWatch Mission

WoodWatch was founded with the belief that beautiful products can be made from wood - a renewable resource with significant advantages over other commonly used materials.

We show the world how age-old craftsmanship can be used in modern day products to form ethical and sustainable designs fit for the conscious, yet stylish individual.

We Explore to Create.



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