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The GRAND Collection: The New Editions

Grand, Great and Impressive


That is what The GRAND Collection stands for. After having completed long and tough trails through high mountains, visited the most beautiful natural habitats home to different animals and seen the originality of different cities around the world, we figured it was time for a new release of watches for the traveler that just cannot get enough of seeing the world. 


We present to you, the Urban Jungle. A watch with a new multi-function movement with two extra sub-dials that feature the week and month. The watch consists of a combination of natural wood types, North American walnut wood, and East African black sandalwood. This watch represents the modernity of the urban explorer while remaining as wild and free as the vibe of the jungle. 

The Wild Safari consists of the same new multi-function movement with two sub-dials known from the sleek GRAND Collection design. The Wild Safari's name says it all and is accentuated by green sandalwood from South America in combination with details of North American Walnut wood. This model feeds your travel lust yet inspires you to see more.

Last but definitely not least (first, actually, if you ask us), the Lunar Eclipse. We have no words. According to legend, the sun, earth, and moon were aligned when this beauty arose from its magic. We have no further words, besides that this watch is entirely executed in North American Walnut wood. 

Which of the models is your favorite? We would love to know.

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